The year 2020 in particular has shown us very clearly that we are living in turbulent times. We are experiencing a moment when everything is called into question - especially how we meet, share and communicate. This inspired us, Zoë Dowlen and Rahel Steiner, to create a series of multimedia evenings that took place during the Winter of 2020/21 under the title Cabaret Catastrophe. Together with local and international guest curators, we created a program for a small live audience (0-10 pers) and a larger, international audience online. As "live hostess" and "stream hostess" we guided the audience through digital and analogue interactions. The gaps in the program were filled with drinks and music by the house band Bauschaum. 

Event 1

Event 2

Mit herzlichem Dank an die Albert Koechlin Stiftung und FUKA-Fonds Luzern für die Unterstützung.