Event 1:
Monday, 14th of December 2020

Guest curators: Graciela Peña & Pablo Ramírez (VZLA)
& Victoria Linchong (USA/TWN)


Pre-recorded dialogue with the guest curators (because of the instable electricity and internet connection in Venezuela):

VICTORIA LINCHONG (USA, TWN) Born in NYC, Victoria Linchong is a Taiwanese-American director, writer, actor, and producer working in both theatre and film. Her documentary ALMOST HOME: TAIWAN, in which the untold story of Taiwan's democracy is revealed through a family road-trip, premiered at the Visions du Réel Festival in Switzerland. For the past four years, she has produced, directed, and hosted the Full Moon Cabaret, a monthly burlesque and variety show based in Berlin that has performed at the Edinburgh Fringe and the London VAULT Festival. Her work explores intersections and overlaps: past and present, East and West, low brow and high brow. She is currently the Community Producer of Target Margin Theater in NYC.


PABLO RAMíREZ and GRACIELA PEÑA’s (VZLA) artistic work is interdisciplinary. They create fictive short films, musical videos, documentaries about water and storytelling / oral tradition and the Andean mythology. They have a holistic understanding of art and cultural expression as a way for human change and exchange, making the construction of new socio-cultural realities possible. Their 11-year-old daughter is taught at home and she is already collaborating in the family's artistic work. With great joy she took an active part in the audio-visual production of Sueños de Alquimistas, their latest independent short film. It narrates the story of the terrestrial woman Libertad who is looking for methods to convert the energy that human bodies emanate while they are enjoying music to take off in a space ship …

Sueños de Alquimistas (short film):

Dicen Los Andes (documentary, montage):


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